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Our Philosophy

Windy Ridge Braques are our lives. We love this breed and we are devoted to developing a breeding program to continue the excellent hunting instincts and family companion characteristics that were originally desired and bred for.

Windy Ridge Puppy Enrichment Program


1. We closely monitor our dog’s nutrition as she starts getting close to her cycle. Once pregnant our future mother is given a combination of raw food and premium dry and wet food. Calories are constantly analyzed and increased as the pregnancy continues, and daily weight-gain is managed. After 4 -6 weeks, strenuous and stressful activities are stopped, and exercise is limited on leash walks around the farm.

2. Our dogs have their own “dog room” at the house. This is where the dogs live and where whelping takes place. It’s a clean in-home facility that serves as a great nursery where mother and pups are very comfortable. The dog room turns into a puppy room that is clean and large enough for puppies to play and scamper.

3. Beginning puppy care is sculpted by the New Skete methods. We have music playing, toys, litter-mate play time, grooming, socialization & problem-solving exercises.

4. As puppy care continues it will include the proven methods of Bio-sensory Stimulation, developed by the US military, also known as the “Super Dog” program.  Research shows that a dog’s performance is 65% environment and only 35% genetics. Studies show that neonatal stimulation and enriched environment greatly enhance the dog’s total potential for achievement.


5.  When the weather permits, the puppies have a large yard where they can play, explore, and continue the hygiene of keeping their potty place separate.  This helps a great deal with housebreaking.  In their yard, the puppies take in the sights and sounds of the outdoors.

7. Enriching our puppies every day with adventures and stimulation is our overarching puppy enrichment philosophy. We raise our puppies on our farm where they get plenty of interaction with all types of terrain as well as being introduced to water. We encourage visitors to come interact with puppies, especially by kids.

8. The time a puppy spends with their mother is very important. We feel keeping the puppies with their mother until they are 10 weeks of age is extremely beneficial for them and although not required its encourage.

8.  We do all we can do to assure that your puppy comes to you with the best possible start.  The rest is up to you!

Future Litters

We are planning a litter for Spring 2020. Call or email to get on a waiting list for our future litters. Also, we are happy to help locate current puppies available through our contacts with other Braque breeders. 

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